O Shot

How O-Shot can help YOU have an amazing sex life?

Women have a complex biological cycle of sexual needs dependent upon hormones and many other factors. It takes women years to understand their own bodies and figure out what exactly they find pleasurable and what does not work for them. They understand that some days they are more sexually aroused than others. After giving birth…


Nutrients in the Whitening Drip and other Benefits

Factors like ageing, nutrients deprived diet, pollution, sun exposure, stress, and health conditions can decrease the body’s immunity and cause damage to the cellular level. This damage shows in your appearance, as look more tired and older than you really are. It also dulls your complexion and causes pigmented uneven skin tone.  IV drips loaded…


P- SHOT – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The P-Shot or priapus shot is a marvel of modern medical science that is getting a lot of attention lately. Men are curious about this revolutionary procedure and have a lot of questions about the procedure and its results. It is an elective medical procedure to improve sexual experiences of men so they can live…