Facial fillers

There are various types of facial fillers available from the market. Some are from dubious sources which can results in complications. facial fillers

Juvederm is an FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers used extensively in USA and various countries with a good safety record. It is a reversible filler which means that its effect is not permanent. The trend now is to use nonpermanent fillers as permanent facial fillers can mean permanent problems when complication occurs. In general, this filler can last up to 1.5 years.

With aging and environmental pollution effects, human facial skin deteriorates by losing its collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid with passing time. By losing these components gradually, the facial skin becomes structure less and dehydrated causing folds, wrinkles and collapsing of facial volume. To treat all these issues with one snap, Juvederm facial fillers are the ultimate solution in

laser aesthetic treatments. Generally the wrinkles around your lips and nose are preferred targets; other areas like forehead can also be treated by injecting Juvederm gel into the skin. Botox1The treatment starts with essential discussion with valued patient about their desires and needs regarding the treatment. No allergic tests are required to perform the procedure as the substance used in the procedure is found naturally in the body so it can comfortably settle down in the dermis, but be careful if you are already allergic to protein and lidocaine as the substance contains it.

Usually no anesthesia is required because the HA gel is injected with very fine needle with slight discomfort to let you carry on the routine straight away, to further vanish the ache your doctor may use local anesthesia. The 15 minute small process of injecting the Juvederm dermal facial fillers to the subsurface of skin called dermis that contain nerve ending, connective tissues, blood vessels as well as sweat and oil glands. It lifts up the dimply face and fades away the wrinkles by rejuvenating the deep skin tissues. The substance stays under the skin for 6 months to 1 year and then dissolves into the body. If any side effects like redness, pain, swelling or bumps appear, they will disappear within 7 days to leave your skin smooth and plump.