hifu-high-intensity-focus-ultrasound treatment

Aging results in not only laxity of the skin but also the facial muscle resulting in sagging of the face.  The sagging of the face give rise to prominent tear troughs, sagging cheek, prominent nasolabial folds, marriotte lines and  pre jowl sag seen in older women.

Surgical face lift is able to restore the sagging face by excising the excess skin and re anchoring the face upwards to the strong underlying fascia of the muscles.   However, this is a major operation with its complications.  Furthermore, as we age further, we cannot be expected to be repeating this major operation again and again.

High intensity focus ultrasound or HIFU is the newest non-surgical method of face lift to correct mild to moderate sagging.  In fact, it is now overtaken thermage (radiofrequency method)  as  the no- surgical method of choice.

It is a ONE time painless treatment with no down time and minimal risk to the patient.  It works by transmitting energy precisely to the deep SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurosis system)  layer thereby resulting in tightening of this strong fascia to cause facial lifting.

This will result in gradual improvement of the face over a 3 to 6 months period.  There is also concomitant collagen stimulation and tightening of the skin.  The effect has been reported to last 1 to 3 yearsand  80% of patients are satisfied with the procedure.  The HIFU treatment can be repeated again and again unlike surgical face lift.

HIFU can be used for the face and  neck.  It can be used in combination with fillers, threads and other lasers to give a holistic rejuvenation and lifting of the face.

The superior depth of penetration into the skin compared to other treatments – resulting in superior lifting effect.

  Lifting effect of HIFU with reduction of wrinkles and smoothening of the skin.