skin tightening treatment

Those who needs resurfacing of the skin, can use the Co2 laser which will also tightens and resurface. In general long term management of a beautiful smooth skin can be achieved with laser treatment courses and use of less expensive radiofrequency to maintain the effect. Daily good skin care with skin care products is also an essential part of your treatment plan.

Slacking facial skin is most critical issue of aging for senior individuals. The conventional way of treating loose skin is cosmetic surgery but latest developments in aesthetic treatments now offer non-surgical methods like laser treatments. Laser skin tightening procedures are one of the safest and convincing non-surgical solutions for skin laxity for people, who are not fit for surgery, do not have much laxity in skin to be operated and who want to avoid surgery as much as possible.

Skin laxity is cured through a combo treatment of radio frequency and laser machine. The ironing of skin is done by heating up the skin up to 41 degree Celsius with radio frequency device. The temperature is slowly increased to the required level which relaxes the patient and gives congenial treatment. High level of the temperature shrinks the collagen fibers in skin layers to provided tightened and wrinkle-free skin. The combination of CO2 laser application is applied to resurfacing the outer layer for flawless and healthy looking skin. The laser is performed to remove the upper layer to give brand new appearance to the tight skin by fractional mode with less down time or non-fractional mode with larger healing period.