Skin whitening treatment
If you have a beautiful radiant fair skin, you will be the envy of lots of women.

Skin whitening treatment is the process to prevent over production of melanin as it causes dark color, spots and uneven skin tone. There are various treatments available which can increase the fairness and quality of your skin. High dose Vit C, glutathione, Kojic acid and Collagen can be used to improve the skin quality. Oral medications are also available. These products prevent more production of melanin and assist in achieving white and perfect skin.

Dark spots and tan skin tones are considered a critical issue in Asian and other parts of the globe that can be eliminated with the help of skin lightening or whitening treatments. Several products, procedures and surgeries are being promoted in the market to trap the clients who are looking for effective skin whitening solutions in less time. All these dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and spa’s try to entice people with huge claims to give skin lighter tone with no side effects, which is itself a great lie. All the bleaching and whitening creams, chemical peeling, Cryosurgery and Dermabrasion can leave minor to severe side effects such as cancer.

CO2 laser and NDyag laser is used to remove pigments and to achieve the goals of white skin. Laser beam destroys the melanin pigment beneath the skin that helps to achieve the desired results. Moreover, it improves collagen production that helps to get a smoother and younger look. This procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Dermatologists also use lasers to remove pigmentation.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and safe way to lighten the skin color. The amount of dosage of Glutathione depends on the extent of the problem and skin type. It varies from patient to patient. Aesthetician decides the suitable amount for every patient after complete examination of the skin. Glutathione prevents the more melanin production and replaces the damaged cells with the new cells.

Laser skin whitening treatment offers instant results with the help of high intensity energy sources. The Ndyag laser with a combination of some other important dosages helps in achieving the desired results. Ndyag laser light is absorbed into melanin to prevent its production that eventually gives lighter skin color.

Natural skin lighteners such as kojic acid, vitamin C, glutathione and licorice extracts are used for laser whitening treatments for avoiding side effects. Our qualified and experienced medical professionals do some tests to identify problem areas to decide the most suitable treatment for patients according to the skin condition.  Each sitting for skin whitening is usually done with a gap of two months whereas number of sitting depends on the color and sensitivity of skin type. Laser skin whitening treatment provides fair and lighter skin to give you confident and alluring personality.

Skin whitening treatment is also suitable for a glowing and brightened skin. There are some significant exfoliating agents to peel off the dead skin cells; as a result, patients get healthier and smoother skin.

All treatments are carried out by trained specialists and monitored carefully to ensure safety and well-being of every patient.