Stretch marks

Stretch marks are commonly formed during pregnancy as a result of the stretching of the abdominal wall causing tearing of the tissue below the skin.It can also be found in those who have sudden weight gain. Fresh stretch marks are red in colour and over time will turn white.  Stretch marks can be treated with a combination of various lasers, cream and local injections.

Stretch marks can be treated with combination of lasers and PRP. Multiple sessions maybe needed dependent on the severity but most cases will show a marked improvement.

Stretch marks or skin scars are usually a general outcome of pregnancy but they can also appear during puberty because of weight gain, excessive exercise, inappropriate skin stretching and harmful skin lightening creams. The strenuous spots can occur on any part of body specifically abdomen, upper arms, thighs, breasts and buttocks. Due to this unwanted spots people get depressed as they cannot dress according to their desires. As the dermis of skin gets torn the stretch mark emerges with change of color as well usually white or red. To reduce these issues surgical procedures like tummy tuck, stretch mark removal creams and laser treatments are few options to avail.

In laser therapy, tailored solutions being suggested to each person regarding their individual problems and needs to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and make the skin texture even.