wrinkle reduction treatment in Malaysia

The skin sagging and wrinkle formation is a natural process of aging as levels of various important substances in the skin decreases. These substances such as collagen, elastin fiber, hyaluronic acid etc., keep the skin young. Wrinkle reduction treatment in Malaysia or elsewhere helps to restore these levels for better results and to reduce the effects of aging different effective and safe treatments.

People get flawless, younger and beautiful skin with suitable anti-wrinkle treatment. Wrinkle reduction treatment increases collagen, removes creases, age spots and make skin younger and perfect. There are various treatment for reducing wrinkles and aesthetic doctor choose the most effective treatment depending on patients skin condition and severity of the problem. These treatments stimulates collagen and elastin that lead to skin rejuvenation and improved skin texture.

Reasons of Wrinkles Formation:

As you age, your body produces less skin proteins known as collagen and elastin, which are responsible to keep the skin firm and elastic. Wrinkles are formed due to various reasons. Some of them are given below:

  1. Reduction in collagen production
  2. Reduction in elastin protein production
  3. Loss of moisture retention
  4. Reduction of hyaluronic acid levels
  5. Sun exposure
  6. Poor diet
  7. Inadequate sleep

There are various wrinkle reduction treatments available to treat different skin conditions. Below is the description of some wrinkle reduction treatments:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections:

Active ingredients that are essential for skin firmness and vitality are used in the form of injections to treat wrinkles. These ingredients include collagen, hyaluronic acid, proteins, Vitamin C and more. Doctors choose the most suitable ingredient according to the patients’ skin condition.


Facelift is skin tightening treatment, suitable for aged women to lift saggy skin from face and neck. This treatment gives youthful appearance, however, its results are temporary. It may cause some bruising, and swelling for some days.

Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Laser treatment works best for reversing the signs of aging. It is a non-surgical method for wrinkle reduction in which laser light heats up the collagen of the skin. This heat boosts up collagen levels and elastin fibers. It stimulates formation of collagen that leads to the tightening of skin. Laser skin resurfacing is a wrinkle reduction treatment in which laser beam target irregular skin and removes dead skin very precisely.

Laser treatment stimulates collagen layer that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as a result, wrinkles start withering away giving you a smooth and clear skin.

People should have healthy diet to have wrinkle free skin. Healthy diet, proper rest and exercise improve overall health and appearance.  Patients facing acne should wait until their acne is well controlled before getting laser wrinkle reduction treatment. Wrinkle reduction treatment helps in collagen formation that promotes tissue tightening. These treatment procedures involve little downtime with no side effects.

Aesthetic doctors suggest laser treatment to patients having fair skin as it is not suitable for darker skin tone. Therefore, other treatments are used to treat wrinkles for darker skin tone individuals to avoid hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure should be avoided for 3 months after the treatment for better results.

Aesthetic doctor examines patients’ skin and suggest the most suitable wrinkle reduction treatment in Malaysia or elsewhere. Follow your aesthetic doctor’s advice for safe and effective results.