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Our centre’s philosophy is to provide honest and accurate counselling to you so that you will be able to choose the most suitable treatment options to achieve the results that you desire.

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Pinnacle Figure
Aesthetic Center

Our company has been in existence for the past 10 years and Pinnacle figure Aesthetic center shifted to the present premise since 2012. Dr Terence Teoh , our medical director , is trained in Singapore. Almost 90% of our aesthetic customers are from Slngapore. At Pinnacle figure aesthetic center, we provide a comfortable and relaxed environment where our customers can feel that their needs are taken care of without any hard sells from the staff. We use only established recognized branded products and provide quality treatment with across border price.

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Skin Treatments

We provide most advanced skin treatment options of international standard.

Face Treatments

Threadlift expert using FDA approve silhouette threads

Body Treatments

Having a perfect body can be a dream come true. We can help you achieve the best possible body..
Top Aesthetic Center in Jb

The O-Shot (Orgasm Shot)

The O-shot or Orgasm Shot is a patented treatment by Dr. Charles Runnel in the US.

Aesthetic Gynecology

Laser vaginal rejuvenation, labioplasty, vaginal tightening

P-shot-Mens Health

The P-shot is a non-surgical sexual rejuvenation and enhancement procedure…

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Pinnacle K Skin
Mesotherapy Rejuvenation

Our skin is exposed to the sun and various pollutants. Treatment involves stimulating the collagens and also treating the various conditions such as uneven tone, large pores, fine wrinkles and loose skin.
Treatment available:

  • Laser rejuvenation
  • Vit C antioxidant treatment
  • Platellet rich plasma (PRP) microneedling
  • Volite Skin Booster
  • Oxygen therapy
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Alexandra Tang

18 June, 2022

Treatment meet expectation.

Midnight Blues

18 June, 2022

Excellent service. No hard sales. Honest recommendation

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