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Pinnacle Figure has been serving customers on both sides of the causeway for the past 10 years, and moved to our new premises since 2012. Here at Pinnacle, we aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment where customers can feel their needs are tended while trusting the staff to provide fair and appropriate treatment. With the bulk of our customers coming from Singapore and our medical director, Dr Terence Teoh being trained in Singapore, Pinnacle is proud to say that we provide quality treatment with local prices.

Our company has been in existence for the past 10 years and Pinnacle figure Aesthetic center shifted to the present premise since 2012. Dr Terence Teoh , our medical director , is trained in Singapore. Almost 90% of our aesthetic customers are from Slngapore. At Pinnacle figure aesthetic center, we provide a comfortable and relaxed environment where our customers can feel that their needs are taken care of without any hard sells from the staff. We use only established recognized branded products and provide quality treatment with across border price.

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