Face V shape treatment
Non surgical V shape treatment involves treating, the muscle, fat, loose skin and also the chin.
The large muscle at side of our face is the masseter muscle and can be reduced using botox injection. For those with chubby cheeks, mesotherapy injection to reduce the fat can help. Thread lift will be the most important as it can lift the side of the face to form a V shape. Finally, injection of chin fillers will help to give a pointed V shape look. For those with flat nose, nose threads or fillers will enhance the V shape look.


Face – laugh line-Nasolabial fold
When we laugh , the naso labial fold which is extend from our nose to the mouth deepens. As we age, the line becomes very deep. Fillers is used to treat this . If it is very deep, then RF and thread lifts may also be needed.
Face – treatment of Marionette line – Grouchy line of mouth
As we grow older, the muscle at the side of the mouth which depresses it becomes stronger. This results in a permanent line at the side of the mouth downwards. This is why older people always seems to appear grouchy and moody because of the down turning of the side of mouth. Treatment involves mainly fillers.
Botox for face
Botox can be used for forehead wrinkles, frown line , crow feet line and bunny line on our nose. It is basically for treatment of dynamic wrinkles ie wrinkles that forms when we contracts our facial muscles during frowning or laughing.

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