The opening of the vagina is lined at the side by two flaps of tissue called the labia minora.  The word Labia is the Latin word for lips.  The labia minor or minor lips contribute to the outer appearance of the female genitals or sexual organ.   The  labia minora may be asymmetrical or may be very large. Large labia majora occasionally give rise to discomfort during sexual intercourse and also discomfort when wearing undergarments.  Sometimes during child birth, the  labia minora may be torn and needs to be repaired.  With age, the  labio minora may also darken and grows bigger.
Women are now more aware of the appearance of the labia minora.  Some women request for repair of the labia minora to give it a more symmetrical look or to reduce the size.  This is a minor surgery which can be done under local anaesthesia.   The new field of aesthetic gynecology includes this procedure for aesthetic and functional needs of the women.

Diagram 1 showing the appearance of the female external sex organ.

Diagram 2 showing the various appearances of labia minora and the post-op appearance.

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