Q switch Nd yag laser
(For the month of June and July 2017 only at designated outlet)
The amazing versatility of the Q switch Nd yag laser

The Q switch Nd yag laser is truly an amazing laser that is a must have in all aesthetic centers.  Its use is wide range and superior to all other types of lasers for treatment of facial pigments and tattoos.

This amazing laser is now used by celebrities as a regular treatment for anti aging and as a fast 10 min facial laser to maintain a beautiful and youthful skin.

The 10 benefits of Q switch Nd yag lasers on the skin are:

A truly amazing laser that is now widely available in medical aesthetic centers.

“I have tried so many beauty treatments and finally I found something that really works” – Madam K, 50yr old .

  1. Brightening and lightening of the skin by reducing the melanin on the skin
  2. Smoothing of the surface of the skin with soft laser peel
  3. No down time unlike CO2 lasers
  4. Can be repeated frequently without side effects
  5. Only a 5 to 10 min treatment instead of an hour or more needed for normal facial.
  1. Removal of uneven pigmentation on the skin eg freckles, melasma
  2. Reduction of pores
  3. Tightening of the skin
  4. Lifting of the skin
  5. Stimulation of skin collagen formation

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