facial rejuvenation and pores lifting

Aging and other factors like health, climate and pollution cause the deterioration of young, bright, firm and vigorous facial skin. Fine expressional lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, hyper-pigmentation and visibility of blood vessels are common signs of aging that cannot be easily removed with beauty creams and home remedies. Surgical options, while effective, may not be for everyone due to the danger or any medical conditions. Laser treatment can solve all these problems by providing skin surface rejuvenation, pore tightening and face-lift procedures, in a way that works as well as surgical treatment with none of its invasive drawbacks.

Sunlight exposure and other aging factors cause the occurrence of wrinkles on the surface of facial skin. These wrinkles can be treated with a CO2 laser that peels of thin layer of skin, leaving less wrinkled skin behind. These days, far more efficient lasers like Medlight rejuvenate the skin without peeling the upper layer. Medlight and other such lasers like Ruby laser and Gemini laser target the problems areas to correct the issues of uneven and wrinkled skin. These lasers can be changed into tightening mode to cure laxity and open pore problems without any down time. Single type laser of different combinations are used to tighten the skin and reduction in the pore size, giving a smoother, soft and supple face appearance.