Laser treatment for dark circles
Dark eye circles can make a person face looks much older and tired looking.

Laser treatment can reduce the pigmentation around the eyes, reduce the fine wrinkles, tighten the skin and stimulate collagen productions. We will insert a special eye shield under the eyelid to protect the eye during the procedure. This will allow treatment directly over the eyelid.

There are several causes and reasons of dark circles around eyes that relate to health, inheritance as well as skin state near eyes rather than lack of sleep and excessive usage of TV and computer. The ground why dark skin appears under eyes includes cardiovascular deficiencies, food reactions, kidney problems, toxins in body and more than anything aging. Other factors that are discovered can be thinning of skin under eyes which shows off the thin veins and eye muscles, eye bags, loss of fat beneath eye and hyper pigmentation due to UV exposure. All these sources result in tired looking eyes and aged face that be well avoided through laser treatments.
Diverse laser therapies are available that can be delivered according to the requirement of the state of dark circle as well as skin type. Intense Pulse laser (IPL) is used to carry out light surgery with red or brown pulses that focuses particular pigmentation and vessels to reduce the dark color. Whereas Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing is effective for reproducing new collagen under eyes to eliminate fine wrinkles and pigmentation while tightening the skin to give younger and glowing look. Another type of advance laser treatment called Fat Grafting for the Hollow Eye cures dark circles around hollow eyes that have deficiency of fat. Fat is incised into eye lid through belly button to fill the hollow space that eventually removes dark circles.