What are Stem Cells?
Stem Cells are special cells in the body that grow to replace our aging cells. By harvesting them from our bodies and putting them to use, stem cells can help to combat aging and improve overall wellbeing. Stem Cells have the ability to transform into many different types of cells, which can replace cells that are worn out, or even stimulate regrowth of tissue. These cells have proven effective in treating many age related diseases, and can be used in anti-aging procedures.
Stem Cell Treatments
Because of their ability to replace almost any type of cell, Stem Cells have been used for a variety of treatments over the years:

  • Stem Cells can shown to improve the condition of patients when treating diabetes, heart failure and various chronic diseases.
  • Treatments used on faces can replace cellular structure and rejuvenate the skin without any invasive surgery, restoring the face to its natural youthful state.
  • For patients experiencing knee pain, Stem Cells can help to grow damaged cartilage, serving as an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.
  • Many more potential applications exist in the field of stem cells, and as the latest frontier in science, the uses for stem cells will only increase in the future.

Stem Cells and Aesthetics
Stem Cells provide a way to achieve complete restoration of the skin, and can turn back the biological clock by repairing any damaged cells and erasing any signs of aging. By using stem cells, we can restore the skin on the cellular level, countering any age or environmental strain to result in firmer and brighter skin. The treatment does not require surgery and works quickly, giving an effective treatment for your beauty needs.