After childbirth, there will be some laxity as a result of the hormonal effect and the stretching of the vaginal due to vaginal delivery.

Even for women who only had Caesarean sections, the effect of the pregnancy hormones can also lead to some laxity. This laxity can be corrected with a small operation to tighten the muscle of the vagina. Those women who are not keen to undergo the minor surgery can opt for laser vaginal tightening. This is now becoming more popular as women becomes aware of this fast non surgical method of vaginal rejuvenation for enhancing their sex lives.
The significance of Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) is quite critical for females who need to strengthen the muscles after child birth to regain the optimum sensual gratification as well as for those who suffer from stress urinary incontinence i.e. loss of urine while coughing, sneezing, laughing or exerting due to weak and loose muscles with poor control of the vaginal tract. Laser vaginal tightening treatment helps to decrease internal and external diameter along with tightening the muscles for better control and vitality.
The bloodless and rapid healing laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure is ideal to get back normal health and contraction of vaginal muscles. Controlled energy laser pulses are delivered to vaginal tract and required areas for vaginal tightening to heat up the skin tissues and collagen to make the fibers contract and shrink. Consequently the muscle fibers get shorter and thicker to reduce the laxity and remodeling to collagen gives enriched tissues, younger, tighter and elastic fibers. With few precautions and proper rest the healing time can decrease more to give you ultimate happiness and healthy life style.