Laser tattoo removal
The medlight C6 Ndyag laser is the best laser for tattoo removal and lightening.

Multiple treatments may be needed and effectiveness will depend on the colour of the tattoo. In general, green and sky blue tattoos are very difficult to remove totally without special laser probes. Black colour tattoos are the easiest to remove. Do call up our center for a doctor consultation and assessment.

In recent years the trend of tattooing the body has took high boost. Almost 10% of individuals in USA are having some kind of small or large tattoo design on their bodies. Time to time they need to change them to follow hottest designs and trends or many of them want to remove the tattoo. Latest laser tattoo removing treatments are quite helpful for those who want to get rid body designs. The high-intensity laser light breaks up the color pigmentation of tattoo to eliminate it from the skin surface with trivial side effects and no scar on the skin as compared to conventional methods of tattoo removal. Laser therapy is not only effective after traditional tattoo removal treatment that left deep scars and blemishes.
laser tattoo
The number of treatments to remove the tattoo depends up on the size, type and color of the design. The sittings may vary from 4 to 6 according to the tailored removal procedure that also depend on the skin pigment and the depth of tattoo pigments. The skin’s reaction to the intensity of laser is checked before starting the process. Fewer up to many light pulses are applied on the tattoo to remove its intensity in each sitting that feels like a snap of band on the skin. Icepack recommended right after the treatment to sooth the area whereas antibiotic cream must be applied to protect the sensitivity of the skin. In couple of days the skin gets back to normal health with unblemished and smooth look.